Guidance on undertaking local gambling risk assessments

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Local Gambling Risk Assessment - St Helens

STATEMENT OF GAMBLING POLICY - Local Risk Assessments 4.1 The Gambling Commission’s Licence Conditions and Code of Practice (LCCP) which were revised and published in February 2015 formalised the need for Operators to consider local risks. 4.2 The Social Responsibility (SR) code requires licensees to assess the local risk to National Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Risk Assessment National Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Risk Assessment FATF Guidance 4 2013 1. INTRODUCTION & TERMINOLOGY 1.1 Purpose, scope and status of this guidance 1. Identifying, assessing, and understanding risks is an essential part of the ML/TF implementation and development of a national anti-money laundering / countering the financing of Cambridge City Council Licensing and Enforcement Team Direct ...

All direct investigative time on voluntary disclosures will be captured as legal income.

Rethinking Radicalization | Counter Terrorism | Islam In The Does the emphasis on collecting intelligence about radicalization alienate the very com- munities whose help is so clearly needed in the fight against terrorism and perhaps even affect American Muslims’ generally positive view of their … Isle of Man Chairperson’s Statement ... 5 Chief Executive’s Statement ... 6 The Gambling Supervision Commission ... 8 Statutory Board ... 8 Regulatory Objectives ... 8 The Board of Commissioners 2016/2017

either a new assessment or the review of an existing one are detailed within this guidance document. This local risk assessment process is not the same as other forms of risk assessment undertaken by gambling operators, such as Health and Safety at Work, Fire Safety and Food Hygiene, etc.

LOCAL AREA PROFILE & RISK ASSESSMENTS - Coventry LOCAL AREA PROFILE & RISK ASSESSMENTS The Gambling Commission’s social responsibility code within the Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice, require gambling operators to assess the local risks to the licensing objectives posed by the provision of gambling facilities at each of their premises and to have New AML Licence Conditions and Guidance from the Gambling ... Risk Assessments The guidance now provides information to assist operators in undertaking the risk assessments required by new licence condition 12. The risk assessment requires operators to assess the potential threats, vulnerabilities and consequences relating to money laundering and terrorist financing for each individual operator. Feedback Statement of Principles Gambling Act 2005 Draft ...

Local area risk assessments. Premises licence holders must conduct a local risk assessment for each of your current premises. This is a social responsibility code which helps you demonstrate how you aim to address the local risks to the licensing objectives.

This report has been formed from a specific undertaking to explore area-based vulnerability to gambling-related harm within the City of London. It is now compulsory for all industry operators to undertake local area risk assessments to investigate the risks gambling venues pose to the licensing objectives.